Hudson Nordic. Not just another…

At Hudson Nordic, we have made a choice. We do not want to be just another recruitment agency.
We cover many areas with deep understanding of organizational structures, business and people, challenges and possibilities. You´ll get a local global partner as your wingmate. Welcome!

Raise the bar. We do.

As one of the Swedish business sector’s strongest search, recruitment and talent management partners, we know what it takes to identify, attract, assess and develop the best candidates on the market. This means that you can expect a bit more when entering a partnership with Hudson Nordic.

We aim high. Exactly like our clients and candidates.


It’s all about the people.

If you look at our industry, there are a lot of different views on Talent Management. We have spent the last 20 years on perfecting our craft – not just within recruitment, but also when it comes to assessing and developing candidates to support them to do their jobs to an A+.

We have no doubts: Talent Management is everything related to revealing and unleashing a candidate’s true potential for growth and success.


We are not clairvoyants.

You can say a lot about our consultants. They are dedicated. Ambitious. Human. And professional people, who have been through demanding recruitment processes many times before.

However, this does not mean that we can’t miss the target. Because we sometimes do. But we are honest about it and do everything in our power to get it right if that happens.

The fact is that we work with people. Real people. People who sometimes regret their choice. Or for other reasons, do not fit into the role they are intended. And this is precisely the point of what we are doing. We are not clairvoyants or fortune-tellers. But with the right processes and assessment tools, we can increase the likelihood of finding the perfect match.

That is a responsibility we take seriously and one we are very proud of.

Bigger isn’t better.
Better is better.



Hudson Nordic has been around for more than 20 years. During this time, we have gathered 30 talented and committed people across the Nordic region.

That makes us neither the biggest nor the smallest agency in the industry. In turn, we are among the most dedicated. And that is something you should be able to feel – no matter where you meet us.

Because it is simple. We live for creating good experiences. And then it matters less whether you are a client or a candidate. With us, it is about you.

And only you.