Our Additional Tools.

All Hudson Nordic’s specialists are continuously trained in the market’s newest and best tools in professional recruitment, coaching, assessment and development. The tools complement our own proven and well-demonstrated testing tools and are typically used in interaction with our executive coaching programs, recruitment, onboarding and management development.

Your personal 360° leadership tool.

Hudson Nordic is a certified user of Bates’ Executive Presence Indicator (ExPI) – a model that allows us to help you and your management team create a 360-degree picture of your professional presence. An ExPI model is a depth-drilling tool based on extensive, validated research from Bates Communications. It is used, among other things, to in assessing a manager’s presence – including the ability to engage, inspire, adjust to and get people to act.

The model is based on three main areas – character, substance, and style – and identifies 15 specific facets of leadership that enable you to map, strengthen and develop your managerial presence concerning key stakeholders, peers, customers and employees.

To create an accurate and fair view of the managerial qualities, strengths, and shortcomings, we include a broad and nuanced range of respondents. These will typically consist of colleagues, managers, employees and other relevant stakeholders.

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The ExPI model is a tool for leaders who want to increase their presence, power and influence. It gives you valuable knowledge and concrete tools to motivate and inspire others – and is based on the actual leadership and the real business challenges you face.

If you are interested in hearing more about ExPI and our other tools and certifications, please contact us for a talk. We would like to give you a cup of coffee.