Group Coaching

At Hudson Nordic, we believe that enthusiasm and motivation is some of the most critical factors in succeeding with what is essential for your team. We want to help you become even more aware of your team’s strengths as well as challenges – and from there work focused on them.

This type of coaching is mainly about being able to inspire the group to a reflection that enables the group to make and distribute decisions within the framework they are assigned.

At the same time, it is exciting to experience how strong a team will become when it becomes aware of the limits of their own and others – and together take the direct path towards a common goal.

People with people.

We believe that magical things happen when people work together towards a common goal. Our experience tells us that it can be useful to have an objective sparring partner when a team needs to develop.

We, as humans, are different. We have different views. The traps are many if you are not aware of the challenges of diversity. However, we also know that differences can create great successes – and they are the ones we want to find in working with the team.

There may be various reasons for choosing group coaching:

  • You have a concrete challenging task that requires a higher level of teamwork.
  • You have a desire to uncover and free the potential of your team
  • You want to align expectations, frameworks and roles, and you need an objective sparring partner.
  • You want to tackle current conflicts and strengthen cooperation in the team.

At Hudson Nordic, we want to be your trusted sparring partner and create a day or a course tailored to your wishes, needs and challenges.