Interim Senior Business Project Manager

Publicerat 20/02/2021
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In cooperation for a client in the machine manufacturing industry we are looking for a Senior Project Manager for a pre-study for a user-centric investigation of product and data possibilities for external channels.

In the company there has been a big focus on digital transformation and expanding digital self-service offering the past years.

The core is their products and the knowledge/data connected to this. Therefor this Pre-study is an initiative that will focus on investigating the internal and external business needs and technical possibilities in connection to their (existing) product-data.

There is an important need to secure that there are processes, a strategic thinking and solutions within different channels in place in this area, to secure their future ticket-to-play within the machining industry. 

Current situation

  • Limited understanding of the customer needs regarding Product Data
  • No digital solution available supporting self-service in the external channels sector
  • Lack of strategy on how to provide which and what data and to what business-models


  • Machining customers buying habit are already changing and will change even faster after COVID-19​
  • Smaller & medium channel partners not being able to invest in their own online business will need 
    to join other online offerings​
  • The need to build high quality product data delivery to a massively growing number of online machining/manufacturing platforms​
  • The need to reach-out with and deliver high customer value through online channels 
    especially towards off-site general engineering 

Description of concept

  • Understand the internal and customer needs of product-data to be used within the manufacturing process
  • Customers should be able to have a self-service connection with their product data possibly provided through some sort of business-model
  • Investigate how to get product data customizable and widely available through product data suppliers
  • Investigate foundation for partnerships and collaboration with external suppliers and channels to modify data structure according to customer demands


  • Extensive experience in project management focusing on digital strategies
  • Extensive knowledge in customer needs for product data and how it is presented in external channels
  • Previous experience in similar roles at global companies within the machining industry sector
  • Great verbal and writing skills in English

Please contact | +46 708 742 432 for more info! Feel most welcome with your application! We will contact you during the start of the comthis coming week.